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About us

Mission & History

Today, there is a large segment of the population who is living on the financial edge. Some of us have friends or family we can call on in a time of need, but many do not. Some acute problems need to be solved quickly to provide the most significant benefit, and that is where WNC Superheroes focuses.

WNC Superheroes serves, to put it simply, those in acute crisis.

When a potential client contacts WNC Superheroes, a trained volunteer will evaluate the possible case and if the need fits our mission our team gets to work. The case will be posted on social media sites, emailed to our supporters and push notification sent to our supporters with the WNC Superheroes app on their phones. Once the need has communicated a trained volunteer will interface with the client to address the need. We are the quick fix after the immediate crisis is solved we evaluate the needs of the client and ensure they are receiving all of the help that is available.