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About us

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does your organization do?

    WNC Superheroes provides a quick response to a crisis moment before that crisis becomes a long-term problem. After the situation is stabilized, our Community Resources Coordinator will evaluate the situation and refer those in need to available resources within the community.

  2. How does it work?
    How does it work?

    WNC Superheroes uses our website and social media platforms to reach out to those who want to help and tell them about each new case as it arises. Donors can make a contribution to fund a case in whole or in part. WNC Superheroes uses pooled funds to address each case while un-directed donations go to replenish the pool. After each case is closed, donors are notified as to the outcome.

    WNC Superheroes also uses the same website and social media platforms to inform possible clients about our services. A person in acute need can contact us through the website or social media to request assistance. It is integral to who we are that no one should ever feel afraid or ashamed to seek help. We know that sometimes, nothing shows strength as much as knowing when to seek help.

  3. How is my donation used?

    Donors are the foundation of WNC Superheroes. Without YOU our work would not be possible.

    When you contribute to a specific case, your donation goes into a pool and money from that pool is used to fund the needs in each case. Some cases, such as re-establishing essential utilities can be done very quickly, while others, like auto repairs, may take some time. Cases are funded based on the timeliness of the need.

    You may also choose to give to WNC Superheroes operating budget. In this way, you are supporting our low overhead costs like website fees and legal fees. See our Financials page for more information on how we keep our costs low.

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