A sexual abuse Survivor recovering from COVID-19 needs our help

This Our VOICE client is a single mother of a young girl living in this country on a work visa that expires at the end of July. She is a survivor of sexual abuse who recently faced a very difficult situation when she contracted COVID-19 from her place of employment a few months ago and had to take time off of work to quarantine herself. She was the victim of Coronavirus stigma when her employer told her to not come back to work long after her symptoms had ended. Losing her job was devastating to her on top of the debilitating symptoms of the virus and she has struggled to make ends meet. For the past several months she has been receiving counseling for sexual trauma and Our VOICE case managers have been delivering food to her home weekly.

She has been tested consistently over the past few months and has stayed symptom-free and COVID-19-free. She has maintained careful social distancing practices and has recently begun picking-up babysitting work to provide for her family. She hopes to obtain a better paying job after renewing her work visa.The work visa renewal costs $280, she also has a past due electric bill for $142. We are asking for $500 to help this woman and her family which will cover the cost of the work visa, the electric bill, and with the additional $78, will give her a jump start on the next bill which will be due any day now. With this little boost in financial assistance, she will be able to maintain stability.

If you can, please consider helping this woman and her daughter maintain the stability they have fought so hard for. Help by CLICKING HERE. Thank you for being a Superhero to someone in our community!


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WNC Superheroes has a simple mission: To address acute needs before they become long-term problems. Today, a large portion of the western North Carolina community lives on the financial edge, unable to save money for an emergency or even make ends meet.  Often, when an acute problem arises, it needs to be solved quickly to prevent further harm. 


Superheroes addresses these needs by using the power of crowd funding to allow many people making small gifts to have an enormous impact. No one should have to face years of struggle due to a one-time need. This kind of emergency crisis intervention can make all the difference to families in our region.

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