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Help a Survivor of Domestic Violence and mother of 6 get to work

This resilient Survivor of Domestic Violence is in the process of recovery and is caring for her six children. She is working to support herself and her family but has to walk 2 hours after getting off work to get home. She has access to a scooter, but she must pay for a current tag and get her driver's license reinstated. The total cost for this is $156 and is out of her reach.

Ongoing campaign: 

The Emergency Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Violence

Because victims fleeing situations of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual violence often need assistance immediately (sometimes in a matter of hours, not days) this fund provides for those emergent needs. We rely on our community partners who are established leaders in the field, including Helpmate and Our VOICE, to alert us to these cases and to disperse these funds to help those who are most vulnerable at their time of greatest need.



Completed Cases: Here is what YOU have accomplished with your donations!

You raised $120 to help a survivor of sexual assault to pay medical bills from medical care she received after being sexually assaulted.

You raised $360 to help a woman who was sexually assaulted and fell behind on her car payments while unable to work after her assault.

You raised $395 to help a woman who needed septoplasty and rhinoplasty to correct the damage inflicted upon her during a domestic violence attack but could not afford her insurer's co-pay.

You raised $500 to help a survivor of sexual assault who works full time but fell behind on rent payments while out of work after her assault.

You raised $525 to purchase a new stove for a survivor of domestic violence when hers was destroyed during an attack by her abuser while she was in the process of leaving the situation.

You raised $500 for a family in the aftermath of sexual assault so they could move into their new apartment and begin life again. 

ALL of this is possible because of you. Every person who gives $1 or $100 is a true WNC Superhero.