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Want to be a Superhero?


YOU have the power to be a Superhero to someone in our community

Donors are the foundation of WNC Superheroes. Without YOU our work would not be possible.

Ways to Donate:

The Emergency Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Violence

Because victims fleeing situations of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual violence often need assistance immediately (sometimes in a matter of hours, not days) this fund provides for those emergent needs. We rely on our community partners who are established leaders in the field, including Helpmate and Our VOICE, to alert us to these cases and to disperse these funds to help those who are most vulnerable at their time of greatest need.

Open Cases*

Click here to see the current Cases WNC Superheroes is raising money to support!

*Cases are funded based on the timeliness of the need. When you make a donation**, you will be given the option to pay the processing fee so that all of your contribution goes toward the need.

**A word about the donations pool: The IRS prohibits earmarked donations from being tax deductible. To avoid donations to our cause being designated as income by the IRS, and therefor incurring a tax liability, we pool donations made for cases, and cases are funded from that pool.

Help Keep WNC Superheroes Operating

While we keep our overhead costs low by relying on volunteers and not employing paid staff, every non-profit has expenses. Expenses like our website, legal expenses, marketing to get the word out to those who may use our services, and the costs of fundraising are all operational needs. By giving to this fund, you help us keep our own lights on so that we can help others do the same!

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