What We Do

WNC Superheroes is a 501 (c) (3) organization. (EIN: 83-0874386)


We fund one-time, urgent needs for people in crisis. While western NC has many organizations that seek long- term solutions to homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, and financial security, those organizations always have clients with urgent needs that traditional funding sources do not meet. These kind of one-time needs can throw a family into long-term financial turmoil. WNC Superheroes seeks to end that cycle by addressing the immediate need.

We work with established non-profit partners throughout the community to identify and respond to individual needs. These partners include Our VOICE, Helpmate, My Sister’s Place, Arms Around ASD, Pisgah Legal, Homeward Bound, Verner Early Learning, Vaya Health, Open Doors, S.T.E.P., ABCCM, and others. Through these partner agencies, clients in urgent need are identified. The case is posted on WNC Superheroes.com, shared on social media sites, emailed and texted to Superheroes supporters. Once the need has been funded, typically within just a few days, the Partner Agencies work with the client to address both the immediate and long-term needs.

WNC Superheroes can only accept new clients through our Partner Agencies. We cannot accept new clients by phone or email at this time. 

How Does it Work?